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An education is nothing if it is not well rounded. That's why Green Dupatta works in close partnership with JDS Public School to raise awareness about important environmental issues that effect students both at home and at school. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to create change in their communities and become both local and global leaders!


community garden

Grade 7 students were challenged to clean up their schoolyard and create a student garden for their school community. These students have successfully planted, and are currently caring for, over 6 new fruits trees, 25 flowers and over 50 vegetables plants!


recycling program

As most communities burn excess plastics, the students at JDS are always excited to learn about and implement alternative methods to reducing waste. Grade 6 students learned how to sort recyclables and garbage and began an awareness poster campaign to help educate their peers.

JDS' 8th grade students love learning how to upcycle! They turned used plastic bottles into planters, watering devices and birdfeeders!


community outreach

It is not only the students at JDS that are committed to making a difference. Teachers and administrative staff worked with Green Dupatta to create a community outreach program offered to villages after hours. These community engagement sessions promote the importance of education, gender equality and environmental responsibility. 

student scholarships

Both Green Dupatta and JDS Public School believe that all students should have access to an amazing, well-rounded education. In addition to the 200+ students JDS waives tuition fees for, Green Dupatta was able to have 3 additional students participate in JDS' exemplary schooling and programming!


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